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Amazon After already knows what you own. It can instantly Sell, Donate, Recycle, and even Rent out stuff you bought on Amazon to help keep your things in use and out of landfills.
It shows you what you own, what it's worth and it matches your stuff with real opportunities. 

"This is what you own and what it's worth. And, here's what we can do with it together." - Alexa After
Sell my TV.  
Recycle my Printer. 
Give away my Heater.  
Rent out my Lawnmower.
Upgrade my Toaster.
Lend my Guitar.
Pawn my Skateboard.
Donate my Table.
Amazon did not sponsor this. There is no existing partnership or collaboration between me and Amazon.  The Amazon trademark is owned by Amazon.     

Sign Up to Beta Test and I'll send you an invite to attend the Amazon After party if it gets certified by Amazon :)
Done with an item you bought on Amazon?   Have Alexa sell it instantly with Amazon After.  Or, have her give it away, donate it, upgrade it, rent it out, lend it, trade it, pawn it, revive it, recycle it or help you dispose of it responsibly.  Gone is the headache of figuring out what to do with the old, so long as you bought it on Amazon.  People tend to hold off on buying the “new” one until they figure out what to do with the “old” one.  So, it will make sense for Amazon to make getting rid of the “old” one way easier and sooner.   Amazon After also exposes Amazon customers to more Amazon services in perfect context.
Recycle it with Amazon AfterRecycling can be very difficult and time consuming.  People often hide what they throw away.  Amazon After presents you with the best recycling options for your item in your area with simple instructions.  So, you can skip the search and go straight to the shipping label, the local drop off address(es) or have Amazon pick it up for a fee - no box, no label, just leave it outfront.  It facilitates item specific waste management and brings eco-warrior best practices to mainstream commerce.  Also, it knows when your car seat or smoke alarm expires and what materials they're made of.  (e.g., your smoke alarm contains a radioactive material called Americium-241 and your child's car seat expires in 5 months)  
Everyone wants to see their list, what it’s all worth, and what they can sell instantly.  And, when something you want is out of reach, you can make an offer to everyone who bought one.   Amazon After adds value to every Amazon purchase and extends the life cycle of the products Amazon sells.  It puts the customer first, after.
​It's good to have options, after.  Need to pay rent?  Start accepting your offers with Amazon After.  Or, make low offers to owners and flip ‘em on eBay for top dollar.  Need groceries?  Accept offers with Amazon After and shop Whole Foods.  You can turn your old stuff directly into food with Amazon After.  Or, pawn your item for a quick cash advance with Amazon After.  Be a good neighbor and lend your stuff to other Amazon Prime members with Amazon After.  
She really knows your stuff.  Say things like, “Alexa, Get rid of my Skis” or “Alexa, What can I sell?”.  Try the “Alexa, Sell all my stuff” command - great for when you're moving or sorting out the Amazon bought belongings of someone who passed away.  Alexa sells what can be sold, what can't be sold is donated, what can't be donated is given away, what can't be given away is recycled and what can't be recycled is removed and disposed of responsibly.  She can schedule a pick up for disposal.  House burned down?  Tap “Restore" and everything you owned is reordered from the respective sellers and charged to your insurance company.  

To learn more please inquire below.
If something you want is sold out on Amazon, discontinued, super-rare or just too expensive, you can make an offer to everyone who purchased that item. You can offer to Buy it, Rent it, Borrow it or Accept it as a gift. 
People offer you money for your things 24/7, before you decide to sell anything.  The offers aren’t really to you specifically. They are to everyone who purchased those items.  This gives Amazon customers a sense of liquidity after purchase.  So, you can sell without listing for sale. Instantly.
Everything you ever bought on Amazon is organized by worth.  
See any items you don't use or need anymore?

Green lit items have buyers and can be sold instantly.  See the green highlights?  That's people making offers on things you own. The opacity level indicates the strength of the highest offer for that item.   

You'll tap an item and weigh your options. Yep, there's an After for that.
Amazon After already knows what you own and when you purchased it.  But, it may ask you to update the condition of your item to provide you with the appropriate set of offers, opportunities and services.
Cue music - “What Condition My Condition is In” by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition
It can sell, give-away, donate, rent-out, lend, trade-in, upgrade, pawn, repair, store, find, protect, part-out, and recycle items you bought on Amazon to help keep the things you buy on Amazon in use and out of landfills.  

This quickly becomes the new reason to shop on Amazon in the first place - for a smart way out after. Otherwise, you're on your own. 

Shop on Amazon.
Unload with Amazon After.
Amazon After can become the universal After for everything you buy, retrieving and managing all of your order histories to show you everything you own, what it's all worth and to match your stuff with real opportunities.

“Alexa, add IKEA, Target, Walmart and AMEX."
a concept by Scott Amron
Your items have Amazon History.  They are authentic, rightfully owned by an Amazon Prime member (you) and can be traced back to their original purchase dates and production runs.  Best of all, future owners can use Amazon After when they no longer have use for the item(s).     
It tracks the market value of each item you own.  And, it lets you know if something you own is trending, in high demand or sold out.  When an item is discontinued, it may go up in value temporarily.  Without Amazon After, you could miss out.
What are you after?

If it's not posted for sale, you can’t find it.  But, with Amazon After, you can find and ask all of them (all owners) at once.  You can make an offer to everyone who bought one.  So, if 1M people purchased the product you want, you can make an offer to 1M people.  It's like a marketplace for things that aren't for sale.  Active sellers on marketplaces like eBay want top-dollar for their effort, whereas many Amazon Prime members (owners) have a salvage mode mindset that buyers will appreciate.  
View your item's product details, purchase history, manufacturer support contact info, user manual, and warranty countdown.  See when you purchased it, what you paid, and how much time is left on any active warranties.
"He's onto something" - Treehugger.com
"Wow, crazy!!" 
- David Pogue, NY Times Tech Columnist 
Me: “Alexa, what can I sell?”

Alexa: “I have offers on your Skateboard, TV, Stroller, Car Seat…"
If a connected device hasn't been used in a while and there's an offer on it, Amazon After will let you know and ask if you'd like to sell it instantly.
Rent it out with Amazon After.  Rent your stuff out to other Amazon Prime members for extra cash with Amazon After. This would make Amazon the largest rental company in the world overnight - a rental company that doesn’t store or maintain or even own their rental equipment - a rental company with the most diverse set of rental equipment located locally in every town all over the world on day 1. Buying a new lawnmower on Amazon could be a great investment with Amazon After.
Sell your stuff with missing parts.  Replacement parts ship to the new owner separately to arrive with the item. (Remotes, chargers, cables, batteries, filters…)  Never search for a serial number again. Your items are listed by noun on Amazon After.  Nouns only from here on out.  And, sometimes some simple adjectives.
It’s as if you listed everything you ever bought from Amazon for sale anonymously long before you decide to sell anything and without being misleading.
​Alexa, Sell my TV.  Reference your stuff by noun.  Add adjectives when you have more than one.  For example... "Alexa, Sell my Guitar." "Okay, what condition is it in?", Alexa responds.  “Really good”, I say. “Okay, it’s sold.”, Alexa replies. "I’ll credit your account and email you the details", she says.
Ship it and save with Amazon After.   It knows what it is and how to get it there.  Amazon logistics are unmatched.   Send it to a contact, a friend or a family member or ahead to a hotel or Airbnb where you’ll be staying.   Opt to have it picked up from the trunk of your car with Amazon Key.
Replace it with Amazon After.   It reorders the same item if available.  Or, it can make an offer to all Prime members who also purchased that product to get it for you.  It may also suggest/introduce the current generation version.
Recommend it with Amazon After.   Share a buy link to items you purchased and love with friends and family or with the world.  Earn affiliate style commission credits to your Amazon account on sales resulting from your recommendation(s). 
Take a PAID Survey on it with Amazon After.   The manufacturer of the item (or a competitor) can ask people who purchased that item to take a survey on their experience with the product in exchange for an Amazon credit, coupon or a discount on the product they're selling on Amazon.
Store it with Amazon After.   So, you can take a break from your item.  "Alexa, Store my Skis."  Send it in to be stored. And, have Amazon send it back to you at your home or to a different address when you’re ready.  
Part-it out with Amazon After.   Sell your first part before you remove the first screw.   It knows what's inside each of your items and it knows what each part is worth.  Alexa can tell you if there are any valuable parts inside.  Amazon After has been collecting offers on those parts since before you purchased those items.  
Protect it with Amazon After.   Buy Allstate protection plans, extended warranties and insurance on your items after you purchased them.  And, you can use it to file and support insurance claims.
I'm an Amazon After kid.   A toys only version or mode of Amazon After that enables kids to trade, sell, lend, donate and recycle their toys and books that were bought on Amazon.  Kids can trade with other Prime member kids (kids of Prime members).  Toy drives can be promoted through this channel (e.g., Toys For Tots).
There should be an after.